LegeHavet - thematic playground in Nordhavnen

    ... Your cargo ship has capsized in the harbour, and its cargo is floating on the waves. The bow of the ship is still sticking up - A crane may be able to help rescue the cargo from the harbour - you just need to get hold of the crane driver.

    In the tender and concept from Cobe for LegeHavet there was a desire for two specially designed items of play equipment: the 'Crane' and the ‘Cargo Ship’ as well as an obstacle course for a themed playground, which through choice of materials and aesthetics had to resemble Norhavnen’s industrial period and blend with the harbour environment. LegeHavet is Aarhusgade district's playground and recreational area for families in Indre Nordhavn and is for young children between 1-10 years old.

    Elverdal won the job of designing and producing the two imaginative items of play equipment, the 'Crane' and 'Cargo Ship' and their associated narratives. The design had to be executed in a way that would bring Nordhavn's industrial history into the playground via a modern construction.

    The playground's endless possibilities

    The 'Crane' and 'Cargo Ship' set the stage for role play around the harbour's narrative. But the 'Cargo Ship' can also turn into a dragon and the 'Crane' into a castle, because in role play, children can go anywhere their imagination takes them.

    The ship's wreckage is an obstacle course that can be climbed over or hidden behind. The course has several play values such as body control, sense of space, cross coordination and jumps that strengthen the sense of joints and position. The cargo boxes are also handy purely from a storage perspective.


    1) The Crane: Hang-out platform inside the crane's cabin, slide, swing from hand to hand, several climbing options: net, rope ladder and rope with knots

    2) The Cargo Ship: Slide and climbing opportunities

    3) Obstacle course: Balance stumps and beams in oak, wooden boxes for storage, impact absorbing surface in solid-cast rubber at different heights

    4) Climbing barrels with climbing nets


    For the playground, Elverdal has produced the two specially designed items of play equipment the ‘Crane' and 'Cargo Ship' along with the ship's wreckage, cargo boxes, which 'float' around and form an obstacle course in the waves around the play crane and the bow of the cargo ship. Both items of play equipment have an industrial Nordhavn aesthetic using oak, stainless and galvanised steel.

    The ‘Crane' is inspired by the old cranes in the harbour area, which over the years have loaded goods from all over the world. The ‘Crane' and 'Cargo Ship'
    enable children to become absorbed in role play, either on their own or together. The different materials stimulate the senses of younger children and challenge the children's climbing and balancing skills.

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