For architects & designers

We will be happy to give you an online demonstration of Elverdal's Builder.

After this you will have free access to work on your designs, when and wherever you like. You just click on the icon in the upper-right corner of Elverdal's website, and login by using your personal password.

Know your details

Builder is your own design tool. In the design process it will help you have an overview of both:

• Design solutions with a 360º view

• Safety - visible safety user zones

• Economy

• Files etc.

Your design tool

Builder is your own design tool. Throughout the process you can:

• Visualize and test your design in 3D

• Drag and drop design elements

• Get hints to where you can attach and place play equipment

• Export DWG-files to other programs

• Quickly communicate your ideas

• Save and work on your projects

Designed by you - It's easy in Elverdal's Builder 

When you are designing outdoor play areas, you need to have knowledge on the end-users, how to integrate the design with the environment, play values, safety user zones and a lot more. On top of this be creative and develop a great concept. Builder is your own 'play space', where you can create endless numbers of design solutions. Test your designs and quickly communicate your ideas to clients or partners.

Builder can help you as architect, landscape architect or designer to create unique play equipment, that unfold your visions and fit into your architecture projects. As a design tool Builder can help you qualify a playground design, while you are still sketching.