Advice and insights for designing the outdoor space

    Whether you’re a landscape architect and are renovating a playground or building a new, or you are an urban planner and need to design a multi-purpose sports court for a park, or something entirely else, we can help you with insights.

    We provide sketches so that you can see the many options available to you. Throughout the process, we may need to change and test the design proposals. With these sketches, we help you find the right solution. The sketches are of course free of charge.

    Below are some of the many services you get at Elverdal, and you are of course free to choose from the list.

    We are your sounding board - and collaboration partner from start to finish.

    Services from Elverdal

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    Are you an architect and need advice on products, playground standard etc? Or do you work for a municipality and are in charge of building an excursion spot?

    Whether you’re a landscape architect, project manager or something else entirely, we can help you with advice, idea development, etc.. Simply click below:

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