The barrier and design edge must be in place

A playground is not complete until the barrier and design edge is in place. We can supply whichever style of edge or border you need for your playground, whether you want a natural edge, sleepers or border demarcation in Robinia wood.

A wealth of options - in fact, the sky’s the limit

At Elverdal, we have a large selection of design edges for demarcating everything from sand pits and grass areas to paths, planting and play areas in the public space. Our skilled consultants and architects are happy to make suggestions for choosing a design edge, so that a common thread is created in your different areas. A design edge can serve as a visible element that brings life and coherence to the playground. If you prefer the design edge to simply separate two surfaces from each other, we can also make it more invisible. The sky’s the limit.

Turn the design edges into play equipment

It is also possible to make actual play equipment by using only design edges. For example, you can simply create a sand pit with natural edges or palisade. Or you can create stages and football pitches solely by using oak sleepers as demarcation - a simple solution that doesn’t detract from the view of the rest of the outdoor area. The different types of design edges all have different benefits that we are happy to help you with. So don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to know more or want a non-binding quote.


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