Learning and games

Take learning and playing outdoors

Learning and games go hand-in-hand, so why not integrate these activities into the outdoor playground? We sell musical instruments, table tennis tables and several different games that combine play and learning in the active public outdoor space.
All our wonderful learning and game products are offered as stand-alone play equipment in the playground or as configurable units in our Builder.

Outdoor instruments and games for playing and learning

At Elverdal, we have developed a number of musical instruments for outdoor use, all of which can be used as part of a music playground, where children from a very early age can play and learn about sound and musical notes.
Games such as table tennis and mazes on the playground help to strengthen motor skills and balance while also providing good physical challenges and healthy competition.

Innovative play equipment on the laws of physics

At Elverdal, we also have a large selection of exclusive play equipment that can be described as park-installed classrooms and laboratories. These provide the opportunity to conduct memorable practical lessons in science - including phenomena such as centrifugal force, aerodynamics, energy production and many more principles taken from school curricula. All are products that demonstrate a new form of play, a chance to really involve children’s imaginations through both collaboration and competition. What’s even more special about this product range is that all power is derived from alternative energy sources such as kinetic energy, wind and solar power.


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