Service and complaints


Once we have installed your playground, everything should be perfectly straight. In order to have the highest possible safety in the playground, and to maintain the products’ long-lasting functionality and durability, we recommend an annual service review.


A playground must always be in order, and safety in particular must be top notch. However, all manufacturers receive complaints, and in the rare instance we do receive a complaint, it is essential for us to rectify any faults as soon as possible.
If, contrary to expectations, you experience a fault or deficiency in one of our products, we ask you to contact our complaints department.

In order to solve the problem as soon as possible and provide the best possible service, we ask for the following information:

1) Brief explanation of the fault
2) Pictures - both a close-up of the fault and a picture of the entire product
3) Information from the type-certificate (the label on the tool. This also contains the production number)
4) Contact information (company name, your name, phone number and email address)
5) Copy of invoice incl. information about production year

After the complaint has been received at Elverdal, our service department will review your material and get back to you as soon as possible.