Om Elverdal

We create architect-designed outdoor spaces that fulfil your wishes. We choose the word 'create', because we do not just build playgrounds and other outdoor spaces. Our designs are important to children and the development of their motor skills and social aptitudes, and that is why we conceptualise and develop outdoor spaces that piques their curiosity and inspires them to play. It is at the very core of our values to incorporate elements that ignite the imagination. Our outdoor spaces can accommodate all needs and can lay the groundwork for the development stages of all age groups.

We want to take on responsibility for the outdoor space.

Certified by 'Byggeriets Kvalitetskontrol'

Elverdal is certified in accordance with the Danish Safety Technology Authority’s executive order no. 1363 of 29 November 2018.

Our products

Playgrounds, parkour facilities and exercise courses are just some of the many solutions we have developed in collaboration with our clients and partners. Research on and theories about play and learning continuously provides us with the latest knowledge on physical activity, movement and learning. We present this knowledge in our workshops and use these insights when developing new products.

With you from start to finish

We provide services throughout the entire process. From the initial concept development and sketching to the installation and the subsequent operation and maintenance. We always prepare itemised offers and timetables. Our qualified playground inspectors draw up a safety and installation approval prior to handing over the playground.

It is important to us
that you feel that we are providing good long-term solutions and that the safety considerations are fully in place. Elverdal is available as a collaborator for parts of the process or as a turnkey supplier. The choice is yours!

Solid expertise and unique solutions

At Elverdal we see ourselves as trend-setting pioneers, focusing on intelligent and innovative solutions. We do this because we want and dare to think outside the box and because we are able to grow and develop alongside the needs of the market.
Our proposals are based on the users, demographics and the environment, which means that you will receive a future-proofed solution.

Our architects will make a sketch of your outdoor spaces, whether you want one custom-designed piece of equipment or an entire solution. We work closely together - with you and with each other. This means that the architects are involved from the very beginning and they will ensure high play value, learning and safety on your playground. Sustainability and aesthetics are essential when designing, but you can expect even more! We only use quality materials.

Engaged customers, children and youths, talented architects and responsible craftsmen are what make us great.

Elverdal was founded in 2007 by Niels Bolt and Jens Bo Thorsager. Niels was a part of the industry and Bo came from the electronics industry. Today, we can look back on more than 1,200 outdoor spaces and Elverdal is now an international growth company with a strong Nordic design expression.

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