Terms and conditions of sale

General terms

Prices quoted are excluding delivery, assembly and VAT, unless otherwise stated in the offer. The products should initially be cast into the ground. The prices of products quoted as surface-mounted are without foundations. If the customer wants to make changes to the quality of the materials, this must be notified in writing before the order is placed. Reference is also made to Elverdal's material description.

Quotes are valid for one month from the date of the quote. Elverdal reserves the right to increase the price by more than 5% on the recommended prices of products, materials and services, as a direct result of the cost increase of products, materials and services.

Reservations are made regarding force majeure, print errors, discontinued products, product changes and price increases in general. Drawings and documentation are indicative, and there may be adjustments and corrections in the delivered product.
All drawings and solutions prepared by Elverdal are protected by the Copyright Act. Copying drawings or listing of solutions as shown in the drawings is not permitted without the written consent of Elverdal.
Drawings cannot be forwarded to third parties. Products from Elverdal are protected by design and cannot be copied or plagiarised. When manufacturing products on the basis of the contractor's drawings and presentations, it is the customer's responsibility to have the necessary design rights for the equipment ordered.

All playground equipment is manufactured according to EN1176. If, after ordering, static calculations or changes to Elverdal's products are required, these are carried out at the customer's expense.

Terms and conditions of delivery

General terms and conditions of delivery

Products are usually manufactured to order, so you can only cancel or change orders in special cases and by agreement. Elverdal does not pay compensation in the event of delayed delivery. The Customer is obliged to immediately notify any errors and omissions on delivered products. In the event of inadequate delivery, Elverdal reserves the right to rectify the defects within a reasonable time.

Elverdal's product liability does not include foundations, fasteners and other components not supplied by Elverdal.

Special terms for quotes that only cover deliveries

For deliveries, it is assumed that there is access for a large lorry and that the delivery can be unloaded next to the lorry. It is therefore assumed that the customer is present and helps with the unloading. Additional costs due to difficult access conditions or extra handling are invoiced to the customer.

Elverdal's product liability does not include foundations, fasteners and other components not supplied by Elverdal. Unless otherwise agreed, Incoterms are: EXW (AB factory) Elverdal Risbyvej 28, 2765 Smørum, Denmark.

Special terms for quotes that cover assembling

Our estimated installation time includes:
• Assembling and setting up the product.

Our estimated installation time does not include:
• Transport to the area.
• Unpacking.
• Offloading.
• Foundation digging and casting.
• Clean-up and removal of packaging.

Payment terms

The payment deadline is 15 days from the date of invoice. Larger projects are invoiced consecutively in relation to the degree of completion. When ordering special projects, there will be ongoing instalment payments from the order date.

If the payment deadline is exceeded, discounts in the quote will lapse and a reminder fee will be added to the outstanding payment, in addition to 1.5% interest per new month. 1.5% interest per new month will be charged in the event of payment withholding. Elverdal reserves ownership of delivered products until payment has been made.

All non-public customers of Elverdal must be credit insured before an order can be accepted. If this is not possible, the customer has the option to pay in advance or provide a bank guarantee for the payment.

Product warranty

• 10-year warranty against defects due to material defects or workmanship of all load-bearing parts.
• 10-year warranty on spare parts.
• 2-year warranty on all other product parts.
• The warranty only applies if the products are set up according to the installation instructions, and correct maintenance is followed according to the maintenance manual for the individual products.
• The warranty does not cover wear and tear, abuse or vandalism.
• In the event of a complaint, Elverdal will send new spare parts free of charge during the warranty period.
• In the vicinity of marine and urban environments, the visual appearance of stainless steel products can change and acquire an unwanted patina, which entails additional maintenance.

Responsibility for civil engineering

It is the customer's responsibility that the substrate handed over to Elverdal complies with NOVA 15. Where the customer provides drawing documentation for the location of products, it is the customer's responsibility that the products are placed correctly. Elverdal's liability for facilities is limited to 1 year after delivery. It is the customer's responsibility to care for, water and maintain plants after they have been planted.


The service is carried out according to a separate agreement. All equipment should be reviewed and checked by a skilled playground inspector every 12 months.