Play sculptures

Incorporate unique play sculptures in the playground

Play sculptures can add something unique to the public playground and the active outdoor space. A play sculpture gives the area identity and stimulates visitors’ imaginations and experiences. Play sculptures can be anything from wooden sculptures to specially designed sculptures.

Our play sculptures are available as stand-alone items or as configurable units in our Builder.

A play sculpture sets the theme for the playground

Elverdal's sculptures are made for use - whether they are abstract or shaped like animals, they can be played on, touched and experienced. They should be part of the game and the environment, and it is often sculptures like these that help give an outdoor area its identity, so that it is remembered and talked about for a long time after the visit. A play sculpture should also be completely unique to the outdoor area in question - so don’t hesitate to contact us for advice. Our skilled consultants and architects or on hand to design you a unique product or provide a non-binding quote.


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