Playhouses for the playground in day-care, schools, parks and other public areas

Elverdal’s playhouses come in many shapes and sizes. What they all have in common is their high quality with guaranteed durability and low maintenance needs. Our architects have designed the playhouses for public spaces such as day-care institutions, schools and parks.

All our playhouses are availableas as standalone but your play equipment is also configurable in our Builder.

Social interaction in a safe setting

For the youngest and slightly older children, predictability and a safe environment is a great starting point for playing games that allow them to explore and test out social relationships and everyday life. In a playhouse from Elverdal, children quickly feel at home because it provides room for cosy interactions and lots of fun role-playing games. Of course, Elverdal’s playhouses comply with all safety requirements and are approved for public use.

Modular in-house production where your imagination is the only limit

We are all different, and so are our preferences, priorities and needs - also when choosing a playhouse for a playground. Our playhouses come in many different shapes and sizes. A large proportion of our playhouses are produced in our home base in Denmark. For example, Elverdal’s Olivia series allows you to create a playhouse suited to your needs. With the Olivia series, you can design your own unique solutions and end up with one or several multifunctional playhouses in a simple, Scandinavian design. Want your playhouse to serve as a lookout tower, a post office or even an outdoor kitchen? The possibilities are endless; whatever you want your playhouse to end up being is only limited by your imagination.

Of course, all of Elve rdal’s playhouses are approved for public use.


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