Large selection of fun and safe slides

At Elverdal, you will find a wide range of fun and safe slides for every playground - in all sizes and suitable for every age group. We supply custom-made slides, level slides, hill slides and slide tubes.
We can also produce custom designs on request.

Speed and excitement for all ages - from nurseries to schools

When it comes to hurtling down the mountain, the slide is the way to go. It gives you wind in your hair, speed and excitement. As soon as your feet hit the ground, it's time to get up and try again! All Elverdal slides are approved for public use, e.g. in nurseries and schools, and are made of durable materials that can withstand wind, rain and endless slides.

A classic and indispensable play equipment

A slide is a classic and almost indispensable playground equipment. Young and old alike are drawn to the slide, which often represents the playground's answer to a fun rush. Slides are easy to integrate into a playground - for example, you can use an existing hill or a surplus of land to create an elevation for a hill slide. That way, you avoid having to dispose of excess soil from the playground renovation.


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