Advice for designing outdoor areas for parks, urban spaces and similar

    More and more people are using parks and other outdoor spaces for activities such as running and ball games. Popular are also the larger facilities such as skate and parkour parks.

    The public space has become a major asset for people of all ages - whether you’re on your own or with others. In addition, more and more families with children choose to stay in the cities, which also places demands on the design. Add to this the desire to attract tourists and it’s easy to see why the design of the urban space is given such a high priority today.

    If you’re a project manager in a municipality and have been tasked with creating a new play area or an active area for young people, then we can help. We can advise you all the way from idea to design to accomplishment. If you need advice on maintenance, we can offer this too.

    When we develop playgrounds or outdoor spaces, we refer to excursion destinations and play spots. Keep reading to learn more about these two types of public spaces and to get some inspiration for designing your urban space and the process.

    How to build and create the best outdoor spaces?

    When we design a playground, we work with four key concepts:

    How the process works

    We are experienced in the development and design of playgrounds, common areas and similar for the public space. We take into account all aspects in the process. This is your assurance that together we will achieve the exact solution you want.
    This is the process when we design an outdoor space for a park or similar.

    1) Starting-up

    • Consultation
    • User needs
    • Budget
    • Time estimatation

    2) Design

    • Inspiration and case studies
    • Workshop
    • Product choice
    • DWG-files and prices
    • Custom design
    • Advice on playground safety
    • Design proposal

    3) Approval

    • Presentation
    • Approval
    • Delivery date is agreed

    4) Handover

    • Potential adjustments
    • Documentation
    • Operation and maintenance information

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