Our vision and mission

    The design of the outdoor space can take many forms, and you probably have many questions too! How do we create an outdoor space that provides play and learning opportunities for young and old? Which tools should we choose? What about safety? Maybe you already have some specific wishes and ideas? We’d love to hear them.

    Whether you need to build a new playground at your school, or you’re a developer tasked with designing a multi-purpose sports court for a park, or something else entirely, we will be able to help you. Together we create solutions for the outdoor space that develop people of all ages.

    Come on! Let's play together.

    To create aesthetic outdoor spaces for communities and diverse development of people of all ages.

    To create the best outdoor solutions in close collaboration with our customers and partners.

    We will...

    • fimprove health and quality of life by developing users' motor, physical and social skills.
    • communicate honestly with our customers and ensure the best experience through consultation and communication.
    • offer flexible high-end solutions with an aesthetic appearance, which cover all needs.
    • provide durable quality products in environmentally friendly materials that fit into their environment.
    • assist the customer throughout the process from development, execution and operation to dismantling.

    That we always give our customers the best experience and create the best value through the products, projects and services we offer.

    We use...

    • knowledgeable employees who add qualified experience to the solutions we make.
    • scientific methods and results to improve learning and play value in the products.
    • in our projects, we use professional suppliers and partners who support us in becoming the best partner for you.
    • architects and designers to create unique concepts and flexible solutions in a Danish design.
    • qualified employees to ensure professional management and a solution-oriented establishment.

    Elverdal's values 

    We create the best value for customers

    At Elverdal, we always provide excellent service, prioritise time for customers and focus on building a good relationship. For us, it is absolutely essential that all customers get the best experience when they deal with us. This applies right from the initial contact to planning, design, execution and the subsequent operation and maintenance process.

    We do the right things, and we do them right

    For us at Elverdal, it’s not only important that we do the right things. It’s just as important that we do them right. We therefore take care to treat our products properly and make sure that what we deliver is in excellent condition. In addition, we use intelligent methods with low resource consumption and high output. We prioritise our efforts, plan our work, find the right solution and ensure that it is implemented effectively.

    It should be 'fun' to go to work

    At Elverdal, we focus on creating a good workplace with a smile and a positive atmosphere, where we are honest and straight with both our customers and each other. We have a visible and present management team, and it is essential for us to have a strong unity where we pull together. That is why we make demands on each other and give each other constructive feedback.

    To find and lead the way to success

    Elverdal's management is an active sparring partner for its employees and is actively involved in the daily business. The managers are role models for the employees and are aware of motivating, radiating optimism and creating a good atmosphere. Every day is about finding and leading the way to success for the individual employee.

    We show restraint and do good business

    We take care of the business's resources, as if they were our own, and always make sure we get quality when we buy into the company. We are always looking for good business opportunities while protecting the company from losses and not taking on unnecessary risk.