Seesaws and springers

Seesaws and springers for playgrounds

At Elverdal, we have a large selection of traditional seesaws that encourage socialising while strengthening balance and motor skills. As well as traditional seesaws, we also offer a large selection of fun rocking animals in a variety of shapes and colours.

The seesaws and springers shown are available as stand-alone play equipment, but you can also design them yourself in our Builder.

Stimulates the imagination and encourages fun play

Rocking animals stimulate the imagination and encourage you to join in a game; ride the kite, ride a seesaw shaped like a car, or leap over the waves on the back of a dolphin.

Balance between fun and safety

All Elverdal’s seesaws and rocking animals are of course made of premium quality materials. Because even though the animals are fun and colourful, there is no compromise on quality and safety. Here, ergonomics, durable materials and aesthetics go hand-in-hand.


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