Monkey Vault - parkour guide

This is one of the most widely used jumps in parkour because of its flexibility and efficiency.

The monkey vault is usually performed over obstacles that are too high to jump without using your arms. This exercise is often started with an approach, placing both hands on the obstacle (a concrete block or a rail) and pulling the hip and legs up to the arms, after which the arms release, and the momentum and buoyancy you have created transports you over the obstacle.
A King vault is in many ways reminiscent of a Monkey. The difference between the two exercises is that in a Monkey you usually get buoyancy in the starting position, while in a King you often set off with your legs further away from the obstacle and hold your body weight on the way down with your arms, by placing them on, or as close to the outer edge of the obstacle as possible.
A bit like a bunny hop on the ground.