Challenging the body with parkour

    Parkour is about moving through the city in flow, using only the body. Parkour takes place using house walls, railings and much more. Vaults is a common term for all the ways you can moves over obstacles.

    There are many different Vaults, and they can be used to move effectively over obstacles, or can be put together creatively to form a flow, combining several exercises to clear obstacles. Vaults are usually made over obstacles of between hip and chest height. Below is a description of possible Vaults.

    The parkour exercises can be split into three groups:

    a) Bar / rail - Lache / Swings, Lower bar, Balance walk, Gate vault and Palm
    b) High wall - Run up, Climb up, Cat leap and Tic tac
    c) Block - Monkey vault, King vault, Speed vault, Lazy vault, Turn vault,
    Dash vault, Kash vault, Precision jumps, Box jumps and Stride jumps.