Wood with FSC and PEFC marking

    Our own production contains healthy natural, high-quality materials resulting in a long lifetime for our products.

    We use larch, which due to its slow growth gives the wood a high density and strength. Larch has more than 90% heartwood, which means the wood is naturally impregnated. Larch also has a very long shelf life. We leave the wood untreated, and over time it patinates and develops that well-known silver-grey colour.
    Our larch wood is FSC-certified.

    Robinia has become one of the most used types of wood for playgrounds in the outdoor space, and with good reason. The naturally cradled trunks give an organic and natural look to the playground, and Robinia wood is very long-lasting. In the EU, the wood is grown under controlled conditions, and the wood's natural cell structure and content of natural tannic acid makes it suitable for installing directly into the ground.
    Our Robinia is FSC-certified.

    Oak has been used for centuries as one of the most beautiful and durable types of wood.
    We use oak for things like edges, climbing frames and swings.
    The heartwood in oak contains high amounts of tannic acid and can be put directly into the soil, where the oak trunks can stand for many years.
    Our oak sleepers are PEFC-certified.

    Certified wood

    FSC-marked products are made from felled wood that is reproduced at the same rate as the trees are felled. The mark is also a guarantee that both animals and plants are protected in the process and that people receive training and pay and work with proper safety equipment.
    Read more about the FSC mark.

    The PEFC certification is also a marking of timber production, with a focus on sustainable production in the small, non-industrial private forests, adapted to the climate and environment in the 50+ member countries.
    Read more about PFSC.

    See our FSC certificates for our larch and Robinia wood (from Molan). FSC from Frøslev.

    See our PEFC certification for our oak.

    Stock and recycling scheme

    We are a made-to-order company, which means we do not have an end product warehouse.

    Any products left over due to cancellation or changes in a project are passed on to other projects, allowing us to minimise resource waste.

    Surplus materials and residues are included in our recycling scheme.

    Wood: larch /robinia /oak used for wood chips

    Steel: stainless/galvanised remelted and recycled into new steel parts
    Taifun: nylon is remelted into new ropes, and steel is recycled into new steel parts
    Concrete: concrete is crushed and recycled for base construction
    Rubber: rubber is granulated and recycled into base rubber
    Plastic: plastic is remelted into new plastic parts