CSR policy and our goals for a sustainable business

    We live up to the social responsibility detailed in the conventions and which form the basis of the UN's 10 Global Compact principles. These concern human rights, labour rights, the environment, anti-corruption, etc. Meanwhile, we are working towards a sustainable business model.

    Here we describe how we work with those Sustainable Development Goals where we can make an actual difference.

    Responsible consumption and production

    Sustainable Development Goal 12

    All our products must be quality tested, individual parts can be replaced, and Elverdal offers a spare parts guarantee - the most important guarantee of all. All of which provides a safe playground, but also an extended life of the products because defects are rectified immediately. Through our testing procedures, we minimise repairs, which results in less driving and less environmental impact.

    When designing projects, our architects seek to reduce the construction load as much as possible by reusing land and usable elements that already exist on site.

    We run a purely ‘made-to-order' production, so we do not have a product warehouse. Any products left over due to a cancellation or changes in a project, are passed on to other projects.

    Health and well-being

    Sustainable Development Goal 3

    Elverdal's concept is based around the active life. Our playgrounds improve health and quality of life by developing users' motor, physical and social skills. Our outdoor spaces are intended as settings for future generations, which is why we have big ambitions for future designs!

    Elverdal's outdoor environments are about more than 'playing'. They are also about learning, developing skills, forming friendships, exploring and reflecting, and equally about taking a breather, having a laugh and lots of movement!

    Gender equality

    Sustainable Development Goal 5

    Our play environments are created for people of all ages, and we take individual users and their needs into account in our designs.

    Our environments bring people together, regardless of gender, race, ethnic origin, religion, belief, disability, age, and sexual orientation. On the playground you are part of a community, whether you are playing actively or quietly, are many or few, need activity and movement or a break and peace for contemplation.

    Decent jobs and economic growth

    Sustainable Development Goal 8

    As part of our CSR policy, we use the UN's Global Compact principles to formulate our corporate strategy on corporate social responsibility, human rights, the environment and anti-corruption. We believe that everyone has the right to a decent job. We employ people with different professional ballast and job situations. We find resources in people through job testing, internships and flexi jobs.

    We have an inclusive approach and welcome all nationalities and faiths, which strengthens Elverdal's competitiveness and earnings.

    By embracing broadly and respecting internationally recognised CSR principles, we have achieved success and expansion, and Elverdal is today an international company.

    Sustainable cities and communities

    Sustainable Development Goal 11

    About half of the world's population now lives in cities. This makes contributing to sustainable urban planning a major task.
    A task we achieve by including solutions that make cities safe to live in, rich in culture and by providing space for living and green areas.

    The future also presents increasing climate challenges, so our planning must include intelligent solutions, new technology and durability.

    At Elverdal, we build a framework for the community, the active life and the company of others, wherever we place ourselves in the city, in schools, in parks or in your residential area. This is where people meet!

    We work in the 'space between the houses', and with specialised employees we create the places where people can meet, play, rest and interact.

    Industry, innovation and infrastructure

    Sustainable Development Goal 9

    Right from the start of the projects, our architects work on drawing intelligently with the user's needs in mind and with optimised use of space and materials.

    Our projects are based on responsible production with healthy, natural materials that have a long service life and where individual parts are easy to replace - both above and below ground.

    Read more here about our material consumption and our recycling policy.

    Quality education

    Sustainable Development Goal 4

    A good playground is a free space for children, and also a learning space. The playground must meet opportunities for both motor development and pedagogical goals, but must first and foremost stimulate curiosity and imagination and be a fun place to be. A place where time disappears.

    The National Board of Health recommends at least one hour of exercise a day. That makes 'the outdoor classroom' a crucial factor in the development of children and young people.

    Education is one of the most powerful catalysts for sustainable development, and movement and play strengthen creative thinking and the ability to concentrate.
    If teaching is to be taken outside, we think in creative solutions, where, for example, Greek elements on surfaces, tables and tracks support outdoor lessons and make the body a tool for learning.

    Partnerships for trading

    Sustainable Development Goal 17

    In our projects, we use professional suppliers and partners who support us in becoming the best partner for the customer. With their expertise, we can optimise our project proposals and solve tasks with financial responsibility.

    Going forward, we would like more sustainable initiatives to be incorporated into our cooperation agreements both in Denmark and abroad.

    Climate action

    Sustainable Development Goal 13

    We are an international company with branches in
    several Nordic countries, and we are experiencing an increasing demand for more environmentally friendly solutions.

    Several of our materials are certified, which means we can contribute to reducing climate impact in the long-term. Going forward, we are working to take care of the resources we have and to use them wisely.

    See our description of Gladsaxe Sports Centre below.

    Life in the countryside

    Sustainable Development Goal 15

    Our play environments are located as active, common areas between houses and in parks, and this is the perfect opportunity to integrate measures against climate change.
    Gladsaxe Sportscenter is an example of an LAR project where our exercise tracks are connected with rainwater collection.

    We also think about planting and making areas greener, so that biodiversity is increased. This helps to create play environments that are based on social responsibility, resilience and climate adaptation.

    Gladsaxe Sports centre is specially designed as a playground for both fun and challenging play, while also serving as one of Denmark's largest facilities for rainwater collection.

    The Cities100 report highlights Gladsaxe Sports Centre as an exciting climate solution. The report presents 100 of the best climate solutions from the world's cities.

    See the playground in Gladsaxe.