Excursion destinations or play spots?

    There are many ways to incorporate play and movement into the public space. We refer to two main categories - namely excursion destinations and play spots. Excursion destinations cover a larger playground, parkour and fitness area or similar. These are typically of a certain size and have enough activities or play value to be a definite excursion destination.

    A play spot is defined as a single or just a few play tools that allow spontaneous activity. These are small elements in the cityscape, typically near pedestrian areas or other smaller traffic areas.

    Below are our descriptions of excursion destinations and play spots respectively.

    Structure of the excursion destination

    The design of an excursion destination is based on your wishes and our knowledge, and our starting point will always be the people who use the area daily. Often, playgrounds and active outdoor spaces that are planned excursion destinations are aimed at several target groups. When the outdoor space is to appeal to children , young people and adults, it is worth splitting the outdoor area into zones. This allows you to separate the quiet play equipment from the wild one.

    Our solutions often include comfortable and practical resting areas in the quiet zones, where users tend to be families, the elderly and young children. In the wilder zones, users are usually young and the resting options are of a more transient nature. There will always be a place where you can take some kind of break.

    In addition, the landscape is crucial to our design solution , and we will try to anchor the solution in the specific history of the area.

    How do we build and create the best outdoor spaces?

    When we design a playground, we work with four key concepts:

    Design of excursion destinations 

    Here is a typical example of how an area is split, so that the quiet and the wild zones are separated. Note that this is one of many options. Please contact us for bespoke ideas for your particular space.

    Design of play spots

    A play spot is defined as a single or just a few play tools that allow for spontaneous activity. These are small elements in the cityscape, typically near pedestrian areas or other soft traffic connections.

    Activities and functions in the simple play spot

    For the simple play spot, which allows for spontaneous activity, there are a number of tools that you can use to your advantage.


    Such as with trampolines

    For example, see-saws or on hang-out seats in a smaller climbing system

    Sculptural play:
    Such as climbing up on our play sculpture 'The activity tree'

    Simple training station:
    Such as classic fitness equipment, e.g. an 'Urban Motion'

    What to think about when designing an outdoor space in a park or similar

    When designing a new outdoor space for a park or similar, it is worth remembering to incorporate security elements and other factors such as aesthetics and accessibility. Here is a useful check list:


    Who can look into the area, and is it appropriate in relation to the target group?

    Light creates security and increases the use of an area as users can see what is going on.

    Play areas near a busy road must also be fenced to stop a ball going astray.

    The area should be arranged with different types of spaces, and the individual spaces should be manageable.

    Hiding places:
    Playgrounds in a socially disadvantaged area should not have hiding places, as these can be used incorrectly, such as for taking drugs. In addition, enclosed playhouses will often be inappropriate as they could be used for overnight

    Planting can help to create exciting, smaller spaces on the playground, which also creates security.

    Reference projects from parks and other public areas

    Do you have any questions? 

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