Workshop - physically anchored learning

    In our workshop on 'physically anchored learning', we advise on how to make the best use of your outdoor space in your teaching to increase your pupils' readiness for learning. We use the theory of physically anchored learning, which with power breaks, motor training and physical activity in everyday life will increase pupils' academic and social results.

    On this page you can also book a workshop with movement and learning consultant Smilla Thorsager.

    How to increase pupils' learning readiness

    Human beings - and our brains - have evolved since the dawn of time through interaction between body and environment. This means that separating movement and motor skills from the cognitive processes will be unnatural for our brain and not nearly as effective as when we involve our bodies in the learning process itself. This is called embodied learning/embodied cognition.

    We work with embodied learning through power breaks, motor training and physical activity to increase pupils' learning readiness.

    Power breaks

    Power breaks are also called Brain breaks, Ice breakers and Energizers. Power breaks have a duration of 5-10 minutes and they can be used in lessons when you need to increase pupils' attention and motivation. This gives the student renewed energy for learning. Power breaks can, but do not have to, contain a subject-relevant topic.

    Motor training

    Motor training involves training the basic senses such as the vestibular sense, the tactile sense and the kinaesthetic sense. Training these senses has been shown to be crucial for optimal learning.

    Physical activity

    Physical activity is movement where you train the body's strength and endurance. The aim is not necessarily to learn something new while performing the exercises. It is a means to achieve the main goal: 'Readiness-to-learn'.

    Dress appropriately to make the most of the outdoor space

    Incorporating movement into your teaching takes time and practice. In the workshop, we provide practical examples of exercises that can be used in different subjects, and you gain tools to develop exercises that suit your topics and challenges.

    You will also receive guidance and a chance to practice, and our movement and learning consultant Smilla Thorsager will give you feedback.

    You will be fully equipped to utilise your outdoor space in your teaching practice, which results in happier, more motivated and not least more learning-ready pupils.

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