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Playhouse - Olivia Package 1

The nursery age is a development phase in the child’s life when it is important to focus on developing basic motor skills. With the right play equipment, the child can take a quantum leap. And a playground with multiple play values will make the playground fun to play in.

This package consists of three playhouses, a sandpit, a postal sign, plant boxes, a hang-out platform and much, much more. Here children can meet and develop their social skills. In the sandpit and in sand play, children will develop their tactile senses.

Read more about play equipment and developing the child's motor skills, play values and the three senses.

The play equipment and playhouses etc. are built in larch wood. They are part of Elverdal's own Olivia series, made in a Nordic design. The play equipment is suitable for younger children in the playground, such as nursery-age children.

The package consists of:
ORG3505BY Playhouse - large Olivia 2 (3 pcs.)
ORG3603BY Playhouse - platform geometric Olivia
ORG3520BB Playhouse - grocery counter Olivia
ORG3612BB Playhouse - balcony Olivia
ORG3509BB Playhouse - gable large Olivia (1 pcs.)
ORG3517XB Playhouse - gable with window large Olivia (1 pcs.)
ORG8016CY Play sculpture - Wooden sculpture rooster and hen
ORG11002A Nature and technology - feed board
ORG12003CY Water play and sand play - sandpit - with seating edge
ORG10008A Outdoor furniture - plant box 2


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