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Play tower - Theodor Package 32

Two architect-designed play towers for the little ones in playgrounds in e.g. nurseries, schools and other public outdoor areas, such as housing associations.

The edge of the towers painted in sun yellow RAL 1037.

Children will love climbing to the top, from where there is a clear view of the entire playground. It's fun and maybe it takes a little courage and focus for the little ones when climbing up for the first time?
You climb up the sloping wall or the climbing net made of taifun rope. The trip down is done by jumping from the lowest platform, or sliding down the slide or the fireman's pole.
The challenging v-bridge is exciting and the child has to keep their balance and get across before the person behind them takes their turn.

The towers provide a wealth of opportunities for children to play with their friends, while strengthening their motor skills.
Our architects design play equipment with motor skills in mind, because good motor skills help children focus on e.g. learning.

Click here to learn more about how different play equipment can help develop children's senses.


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