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Play sculpture - treasure chest

Robust and hand-carved wooden sculpture in oak. The play sculpture is shaped like a treasure chest, 0.6 metres high and 1 metre long.

It is designed to spark children's imaginations - perhaps the chest is filled with gold and jewels? Or is it empty? Perhaps the chest floats on the open sea, where the waves beat against the sides. The shape also provides space for climbing up, where children must try to keep their balance.
Strengthening balance is important for all children, as better balance takes their focus away from the physical effort, freeing up energy and focus for other things, such as exploring the world.
Other play opportunities e.g. include shared play, which supports the child's social skills.
Read more about the senses, movement, learning and the play values of the day-care institution here.

The treasure chest brings the playground to life and is particularly suitable for a themed nature playground, with each barrel cut in a unique look.

We sell a variety of cute, lifelike play sculptures such as the bird figure, lynx and guinea pig - see all play sculptures here.
All play sculptures are designed for public outdoor spaces, such as day-care institutions and picnic areas, where many young children come together to play imaginary games.


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