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Play sculpture - seashell

Single round seashell carved in oak.
The play equipment is both sturdy and pleasantly soft, which gives the seashell a long life and it will add a unique look to e.g. the nature playground in a day-care institution.
The wooden sculpture is hand-carved and measures 0.3 metres in height and 0.7 metres in length.

Our architects wanted to spark and expand the child's imagination with the design. Where are the fish? How do I balance so that I can reach the next play equipment? Can I play tag on a rainy day, or is the seashell slippery?
Climbing up and keeping your balance is a good play value to have in the playground, - and being able to balance is important to practice for young children.
Strengthening your balance ability will improve your balance over time. Once a child has mastered the difficult discipline of balancing, they can stop focusing on their bodily function and spend their energy on other things, such as exploring the world around them.
Furthermore, the playground also allows children to strengthen their social skills by, for example, waiting their turn.
Here is more information about the senses, movement, learning and play values in the day-care institution.

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