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Play sculpture - Porpoise

Cute porpoise - hand carved in oak and specially designed for the public outdoor space such as parks and day-care institutions for young children. The play figure will be especially suitable for the nature and forest playground.

The play equipment has a pleasant soft surface and the porpoise will encourage the child to climb up. Climbing onto the play structure and trying to keep your balance is one of the basic ideas behind the design by our architects. Crawling and balancing are good play values to have in any playground, as they help develop the child's basic motor skills.

Helping and supporting the development of the child's balancing ability from an early age will give the child better balancing ability. When children maintain their balance during fast movement, they stop thinking about their bodily function. This will free them up to focus on other things, such as learning.
Finally, playing in the playground will also strengthen social skills, such as while waiting for their turn.

Our wooden porpoise measures up to 1.6 metres in length and 0.45 metres in width.

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