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Pingout table tennis table - decorated

Running around the table tennis table is always loads of fun.
Playing table tennis is social activity, physical activity and can give rise to wildly acrobatic swipes with a table tennis bat, in some guise or other - everything from a German grammar book to a flipflop or of course a real bat.

Troels Øder Hansen and Anders Find also played around a table tennis table. They have now designed an urban table tennis table, bringing together children and adults alike, whether in the schoolyard, in open spaces or parks.

This table tennis table is called PingOut and was first presented to the urban space in 2009 in Copenhagen.

The table is decorated and the decoration can be anything you can imagine. Table is hot dip galvanized and wet painted.

Also available as painted table tennis and as round table tennis table.

The table can withstand wind and weather and offers an ideal opportunity to exercise outdoors.


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