Designing the outdoor space for parks, urban spaces and similar

    Today, many more people actively use parks and other outdoor spaces for running, ball games, parkour, etc. It has become normal to talk about adult fitness in the public space. The parks and other common areas have become a great asset for people of all ages, whether on their own or with others. This places demands on the design of the urban space. Aesthetic and well-landscaped outdoor areas can help provide the X-factor and attract tourists as well as retain families with children in the cities.

    Do you need to design a new public outdoor space such as a playground for a municipality? Or do you have to come up with proposals for the establishment of an active park for the city's younger communities? Then we have the professional skills to help you. We advise you all the way from idea to design to implementation. Keep reading for inspiration on how to design the active urban space.

    How do we build and create the best outdoor spaces?

    We work with four concepts when we create a playground:

    The public outdoor space - an example of an architectural drawing

    When we start with zones, residences, play equipment and the landscape, an architect-designed playground for a public space might look like this:

    Excursion destinations and play spots

    Play and movement equipment can be part of the urban space in very different ways. When we develop outdoor spaces into a public space, we generally refer to excursion destinations and play spots. The excursion destination is a solution that can be described as a definite excursion destination. A play spot is one or a few items of play equipment that can be used for spontaneous play. The choice of solution depends on factors such as the area, location and finances.

    Do you need more information? Then look under menu item ' Excursion destinations and play spotsdestinations and play spots ' for parks, urban spaces and other public spaces.

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    And don’t forget about security

    There are a number of factors that promote security and expand the use of a park or other public area. The following are worth considering when designing your space:


    Light creates security and increases the use of an area; users can see what is going on.

    Play areas near a busy road must be fenced to stop a ball going astray.

    The area should include different types of spaces, and the individual spaces should be manageable.

    Planting can help create exciting, smaller spaces on the playground.

    Hiding places:
    Playgrounds in a socially disadvantaged area should not have hiding places, as these can be used incorrectly, such as for taking drugs

    In addition, enclosed playhouses will often be inappropriate as they could end up being used for overnight stays.

    And remember!

    Alongside the playground’s functions, it is equally important to create good areas for play and movement in the public space:


    Should different user groups have the opportunity to use the area?

    Who can look into the area, and is it appropriate in relation to the target group?

    Should there be an opportunity to watch without being active?

    Is the area also going to be used in winter, in rainy weather or is the area exposed to wind?

    How do the features fit into the environment? Do they relate to the landscape, the colours, etc.?

    Areas with a strong identity and clear functional themes increase usage. Who should the area appeal to, and how?

    Is there existing planting to be included in the design?

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