Elverdal creates aesthetic outdoor spaces for communities

We create aesthetic outdoor spaces for communities and diverse development of people of all ages. Design, outdoor spaces and human beings are key to us. Everything we do is with these three in mind.

A good playground is a free space for children, but it is also a learning space. It should meet opportunities for both play, motor development and pedagogical goals.

“ Public areas are about more than play. They are also spaces for learning and personal development as well as social meeting places. Here you can relax, explore the surroundings and much more.”
Jens Bo Thorsager, CEO Elverdal

Elverdal was founded in 2007 by Jens Bo Thorsager, Christian Rosenvinge and Niels Bolt with a vision to 'revolutionise' playground design by using Nordic design, better materials, thinking out of the box and creating whole solutions that blend into the surroundings. Today, Jens Bo Thorsager is CEO and owner of Elverdal. Elverdal has its own companies in Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Germany. From here we also collaborate with customers in the rest of Europe.

We are still very busy developing innovative and sustainable playgrounds and outdoor spaces with a Nordic design DNA.

In 2009, we started to develop the first own playground products and today we have a strong range of standard products that can be combined.

See our company presentation i.a. with selected references.

We listen

We listen and work closely with customers. Our mission is to create the best outdoor space solutions in close collaboration with our customers and partners.

With the launch in 2021 of Elverdal's 3D design tool Builder, we have paved the way for even closer collaboration, where you can create your own unique playground.

Unique and tailor-made solutions are a big part of Elverdal's work. Alongside our standard products, we develop customised solutions in close collaboration with architects, where we adapt and invent products so they match exactly what the architect wants for their project.

We advise landscape architects, architects and planners on design, materials and mounting.

Nordic design

Elverdal's design philosophy is that the products must be nice to spend time with, and they must fit into the outdoor space. Our work lies in the tension field between nature and buildings, between the soft and the wild - and the more stringent. Here we want to create a space between nature, man and buildings.

The design of the outdoor space is important for children and young people's motor, cognitive and social development. Our products are designed to encourage children's imagination to flow freely, allowing them to play freely and through play discover the world for themselves. The same really applies to all our products. Elverdal's design should ideally also challenge adults.

Characteristic of Elverdal's design is a Nordic minimalist style, where we work with simple lines, materiality, and the colours of nature and the light. We focus on sustainable materials, the function of colours and the light impact of nature. Details, functionality, play values and circular economy are important to us.

Circular design

Elverdal's products are made from high-quality sustainable materials. By ensuring that the playground has a long shelf life, we can reduce the footprint on the environment and reduce the consumption of packaging and transport in connection with production.

We take responsibility for our products and offer service agreements to maintain the playground so that it lasts as long as possible. When the playground finally needs to be replaced, all products can be disassembled and recycled.

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