Wood is a wonderful material

At Elverdal, we work with a very high standard of materials. All our wood products etc. are carefully selected so that they have a high level of durability and an aesthetic look, which gives you the very best end product. We use FSC- and PEFC-certified wood.

Wood is an organic and living material. Both color, surface, structure, and form can and will change with wind and weather over time. This, among other things, is what we believe contributes to the uniqueness of our equipment and design DNA. Our wood comes from reputable suppliers, and the species are carefully selected for the intended use. As long as function and safety are intact, changes over time in the wood are generally not considered valid grounds for complaints.


Robinia has become one of the most used types of wood for playgrounds in the outdoor space, and with good reason. The naturally cradled trunks give an organic and natural look to the playground, and Robinia wood is very long-lasting. In the EU, the wood is grown under controlled conditions, and the wood's natural cell structure and content of natural tannic acid makes it suitable for installing directly into the ground.


Oak has been used for centuries as one of the most beautiful and durable types of wood. For example, Egeskov Castle was built in 1554 in Denmark on a foundation of oak timber - and the castle still stands there. We use oak for things like edges, climbing frames and swings. The heartwood in oak contains high amounts of tannic acid and can be put directly into the soil, where the oak trunks can stand for many years.


We use larch, which due to its slow growth gives the wood a high density and strength. Larch has more than 90% heartwood, which means the wood is naturally impregnated. Larch also has a very long shelf life. We leave the wood untreated, and over time it patinates and develops that well-known silver-grey colour.