Steel with strength

Steel is an alloy of iron. We use steel for some of our playground equipment material, and we use both stainless steel and ordinary steel.

Steel tends to rust and may develop an undesirable appearance without a finishing. We use ball blowing or galvanizing to get the desired quality and appearance. Stainless steel can be ball-blown, which we only do for the sake of appearance and to remove any surface rust.

Galvanizing is a finishing process for ordinary steel, which is done to prevent the steel from rusting.

Each steel type has a different use and benefit, but depends primarily on how you want the playground equipment to look.

Finally, both stainless steel and plain steel can be finished with a powder coating. This is a layer of powder that is electrostatically charged. The playground equipment will attract the powder, and will have a robust, even and full-cover surface, to which it is possible to add a colour.

A high quality of steel is essential when the playground has to withstand many years of use.Our stainless steel is AISI 304 and our non-alloy steel is S235. When we use non-alloy, the hot dip galvanizing and zinc layer thickness meet quality requirements from DS / EN ISO 1461.