TRUST playgrounds - the best setting for children in Copenhagen

    TRUST is the name of a strategic partnership of architects, landscape architects, engineers and contractors. In 2016, TRUST won a framework agreement to build and rebuild a large number of schools and day care centres in the Municipality of Copenhagen. The agreement covers both buildings and outdoor spaces.

    Elverdal is a subcontractor to the TRUST partners and assists with playground insights and delivery of playground products.

    The TRUST collaboration is based on teamwork, trust and a common interest in learning through each other's experiences. In the partnership, we work more closely with each other. This form of collaboration and the large portfolio provide an opportunity to work more systematically with process optimisation. And the partnership provides an opportunity to analyse as well as continuously and quickly take on learning and improve the process.

    Our job falls into consulting and construction of both temporary and permanent playgrounds.

    The temporary playgrounds are typically built for a period of 3 to 5 years, usually while a school or day care centre is being renovated. This can lead to the relocation of children, for example, to pavilions for a limited period, which places special demands on the playground solution. On the one hand, the play equipment should preferably be mounted in such a way that it can be removed again without damaging the surface, and on the other hand, it should ideally be an economical solution so that the play equipment can later be moved to its permanent home. This requires tools and materials of excellent quality, which are also recyclable.

    During the process, we assist by

    Advising the landscape architects on materials, playground safety and construction technical details as well as on access roads. An example could be - advising on how many oak sleepers it takes to keep track of mound of topsoil where go-karts drive around. Other issues could be of a safety nature such as where to locate a set of swings, which should always be placed outside walkways to reduce the risk of collisions. A good option is on the edge of the playground.

    Advice on logistics in relation to construction and the location of play equipment. How should you place the common zone(-s) in relation to the buildings? What play equipment is suitable for hilly terrain?

    We help answer all of your questions.

    Advice on play values and development of the different senses. A playground with multiple play values will give the child the best opportunities to develop motor skills and social skills. And the many play values will increase the use of the playground.

    To ensure the efficient process that supports the Municipality of Copenhagen's partnership model.

    Delivery and installation of play equipment.

    Reusable playgrounds

    The TRUST playgrounds typically use Olivia and Theodor playhouses and - towers.
    They are designed by Elverdal in a Nordic style, and production takes place in Denmark. This allows us to ensure a high quality with guaranteed durability and low maintenance.
    Playhouses and towers are designed so that they can be disassembled for relocation, or the individual parts can be recycled.

    The two series are built around basic modules that can be expanded with arm swing equipment, climbing walls, slides, etc. The many options give the playground a high play value.

    The following other play equipment is often used: sandpits, trampolines, merry-go-rounds and various types of swings.

    Safety for lots of play

    Using so many different play tools allows the child to explore his or her own sensory and motor skills. Here are some examples of play tools that can support the development of the three senses.

    The vestibular sense:

    The kinesthetic sense:
    Crawling, climbing, balancing and jumping

    Tactile sense:
    Touch with rubber and wood

    Temporary playgrounds for ByK with TRUST

    Børnehuset Fælleden, Kragh & Berglund
    Børnehuset Bodil, GMB Landscape Architects
    Børnehuset Sluseholmen, GMB Landscape Architects
    The day care centre Valby Idrætspark, GMB Landscape Architects
    Door 3.2, GMB Landscape Architects
    Enghave Brygge