Modular systems - Theodor play towers

    The playhouse is almost the very heart of the playground. Every day it becomes a new world in young children’s imaginations. A playhouse creates a space for contemplation, playing together, such as in in pairs, and thereby practicing social relationships.

    Compose a unique play landscape

    With Theodor playhouses and towers in wood, you can create your very own play scene for the playground. The series is made up of basic modules and accessories that can be assembled in countless ways.

    The flexible design provides many play functions and high play value. Here the children can create and add their own imaginative worlds. Today, the house might be the cabin for dinosaur researchers, where new finds are put up for exhibition. Tomorrow an ice cream shop, a secret witches house or a remote space station.

    When younger children play in a play house, they get to express themselves through play, giving each other roles and jobs to do. They practice doing things together and expressing ideas and reactions to each other.

    How to design your play landscape

    It always starts with a house or play tower - which can be decorated or designed according to needs and play purposes. The house can have furniture such as a bench, shelves or play kitchen.

    The playhouse may have open facades, or have windows and doors. If there are gables on it, you can choose from wooden gables, with a mirror effect or a large board to draw and write on.

    You can give the house its own theme with plant boxes, musical instruments, a grocery counter, post box or anything else you can think of.

    Be inspired by Theodor’s world of play towers. If you don’t see the exact option you have in mind, please contact us to hear about more options.

    Create zones for spontaneous play and calm play.

    It’s a good idea to place play towers a short distance from the quiet play areas designated for younger children.

    Climbing routes and secret caves

    Once kids are to climb, they will find it great fun to climb up and look out over the world. And who doesn’t love a wooden cave? A place to chat with your friends or play by yourself.

    On the playground, playhouses on stilts or play towers provide new play opportunities, especially for slightly older children.

    When several towers or houses are put together, they provide a whole maze of climbing and play routes and varied play functions.

    The child trains motor skills, coordination skills and balance by moving in multiple different ways. This happens all by itself in the fun climbing and captive games around the play towers.

    Create play routes and motor challenges with ladders, slide poles, slides, climbing walls, balance bridges, vines and much, much more ...

    High up

    The tall play towers can be open or closed with gables in different designs. Doors and openings help to create caves and routes in and out of the towers.

    It's fun to climb from one tower to another. Or from a tower to a lower playhouse.

    Remember that when you have play towers on the playground, you must make sure that there is the right fall surface in place in relation to the height. We can advise on drop heights and fall surfaces.

    See your options under products in the fall surfaces category.