Jungle course - modular systems with endless options

    With Elverdal's modular systems, you can design your jungle course yourself with play equipment in modules of 2x2 metres. For even more games, combine the jungle game with modules from Theodor play towers or Olivia play houses.

    We have developed a series of modular jungle game elements in wood, rope and steel that you can put together to suit your needs.

    The modules in the 2x2 system make it easy to design a playground that fits right into your playground's area and your design idea. Thanks to the flexible elements, you can create a playground with the exact play and movement options that match the children's needs.

    See the entire range of the playground equipment series here.

    You build with 2-metre modules

    The series is made up of modules that fit together in a 2x2 metre grid. The fixed module size of 2 metres between two robinia posts makes it easy for you to assemble the equipment.

    With the fixed modules, you can easily adapt and move around balance bridges, nets and all other 2by2 jungle equipment to see which combination provides the best climbing facility for your target group.

    The design is flexible in shape and size

    The modular design gives you the flexibility to build dynamic play and climbing facilities with multiple movement options and play values on a small area.

    A climbing system not just for motor challenges and fast games, but one you can also combine with wide wooden resting platforms, where the children can take breaks, sit together and talk. You can also put the jungle course together with a Theodor play tower or more, allowing you to to add play opportunities for the little ones to act out their role-play and imaginary games.

    Thanks to the modular system, your play scene is easy to design to suit your space. With several 2x2-metre modules, you can shape a large rectangular, labyrinth climbing system with play routes around intersecting lanes. Or you can build an elongated jungle course with different motor challenges for the kids. Everything is possible and adaptable to the playground’s area.

    The wooden platforms come in a choice of rectangular or triangular platforms and in widths of 2x2 metres. The triangular platforms have the extra function that they can be moved to different levels, so you can create corners in step form for children to lie down or sit on.

    The design’s Nordic look make, the modular climbing systems, fit into almost all landscapes and types of architecture.

    Climbing challenges for all age groups

    With the modular jungle track equipment you can create play opportunities for different age groups. Bear in mind, however, to include both low-altitude climbing challenges for the younger children and higher climbing facilities for the older children. Here you can create safe climbing challenges at height and opportunities to both slide and glide back down.

    The design provides a range of motor challenges and games that children can grow with on the playground.

    A mix of balance courses,
    climbing and jungle games provide endless play opportunities for both young and old. Jungle tools such as climbing ladders, arm rings, monkey bars and balance tops are also suitable for fitness training for young people and adults - in a housing association or in a park.

    Designing with the modular system in Elverdal’s

    Builder In Elverdal's 3D configurator Builder, you can easily design your playground with our 2x2 modules and add play towers or playhouses. In the Builder you work intuitively, and the software helps you by highlighting safety zones and which equipment to choose.

    Here you can also play with the design's colours and extra accessories for playhouses and play towers.

    Try the Builder here.