How do one create a unique playground design?

    Trains, fish, circus magic, the city garden, the late medieval city, lights, climate goals, the history of reunification - these are just some of the themes we have provided for unique playgrounds and movement landscapes.

    Ideas start buzzing when we develop concepts around a theme. But it is equally important to us to combine imagination with functionality, multiple play values and a well-balanced interaction with the surroundings and landscape.

    Play and movement landscapes communicate in a bodily and sensory way. Here, a unique design can create a landmark for that particular area, make the playground a special gathering place or excursion destination.

    We can create your dream playground and translate architectural visions into play and movement. When you collaborate with us, you can make use of our combined knowledge and expertise as a playground company.

    Inspiration - see three examples of unique playgrounds

    1. Specially designed playground with train theme

    For Femte Juni Plads at Frederiksberg, we created a classic playground with specially designed Elverdal products.

    We used a train theme that connects the playground to its surroundings - the S-train runs past just behind the semicircular square. The playground is designed for both smaller and slightly older children and is frequented by local day care centres and families with children who live in the area.

    The playground has a small train and station scene, where the children can relate to the S-train while creating their own imaginative world and role play.

    Play values: Climb, slide, balance, play together, play sand, motor and sensory challenges as well as imaginative play.

    The story is repeated in many of the play equipment items

    For this playground, we custom-built multi-play equipment, comprising e.g. train carriages, slide, climbing net, climbing wall and vines. The classic play train takes on a new dimension here by being raised high in the air, giving the playground a more physically challenging play value, especially for the slightly older children.

    For the younger children, we have scaled the train scene down to small safe play areas where children can explore: a small station, signs, construction site, 'mountain' and a lookout point where the children can look out and wave to the S-train.

    At the small station, a play scene has been created with passenger cars, ticket booths, clocks and signs. Next to it is a suitcase track for balance games. Inside the train, children can take turns 'steering' the train from the driver's car, which has a steering wheel and mouthpiece.

    Other mini-worlds include:
    Construction site - with sand digger and sandpit
    'The mountain' - a rubber tray with the train line drawn in the rubber coating
    The balance track on red and white striped train gates.

    2. Classic playground with mini-city world

    The playground for Nordvanggårdsparken in Birkerød is a classic playground in the small park by Nordvang Lake. The playground was specially designed for smaller children and is used by local families with children and day care centres on days out.

    We modified the classic decor with small handles. The village theme refers to the old village of Bistrup, which Birkerød originated from, but made in child’s height. Here are easily recognisable city elements: houses, signs, routes that form an open framework for being able to become any city or imaginative world that the children themselves invent. Here it is the children themselves who create their own unique world every time they play.

    The playground's urban feel is underpinned by play functions that refer to some of the things that create a city and a small community: e.g. a postbox, grocery counter, sand lift, sand sieve, speech tube, bank with coins and city signs.

    Play values: Climb, slide, balance, play together, reflect, sand play, coordination, sensory play and imaginative play.

    3. Large iconic playground

    For Chr. Frederiks Plass in Oslo, we had the task of creating an iconic playground that depicts Norway's diverse nature and conveys the Norwegian climate goals to both locals and tourists. The playground at Chr. Frederiks Plass in Oslo was completed in 2019 - the year in which Oslo was European Capital of the Environment.

    For tourists, the playground is one of their first encounters with Norway and Norwegian culture. Here they get a touch of Norway's magnificent natural landscape.
    For Norwegians, the place will create memories of childhood, holidays and experiences that can be talked about across generations. The playground provides a movement landscape in the heart of the city and can help increase the well-being and movement of young children.

    We split the playground into islands that lead you through Norway's varied nature experiences: the mountains, the sea, rivers, settlements and a network of hiking trails. In the centre is a tall custom-built climbing facility, 'Fjeldet', which makes the playground visible from a distance.
    Between the islands, children can follow routes of 'streams' and hiking trails over high and low play landscapes. The play area is surrounded by a large open area, which is the 'sea', where you can play hopscotch, ball and other activities.

    Play values and functions in each mini-landscape convey the special character of the scenery:
    Stone dolmens: Jump on trampolines
    Turtoppen: Jump and balance on jumping platforms and a balance track
    Lowlands: Swing in the bird's nest swing
    The village: Role play, social interaction and communication through mouthpieces to the mountains
    The mountain: Climb, crawl, slide on the tall, specially designed climbing sculpture
    Pine forest: Knowledge of Norway's nature, trails and climate goals for older children, young people and adults

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