Play equipment with a Nordic expression

Elverdal's work is defined by an innovative, creative and functional design.

Our practice is rooted in the Scandinavian design tradition, but you will not find just one Elverdal design expression. We are passionate about working on varied ideas and projects together with customers and users.

To us an awesome playground creates an oasis of freedom and fantasy for the children. At the same time it is a learning environment. It should provide opportunities for the development of motor skills, be able to fulfill pedagogical goals and be a place for having social interactions.

We think, it is important, that a playground stimulates both curiosity and imagination
- and it must be the funniest and best place to be!

We hope to inspire your with our work. Here you will find more photos, video and texts on our projects.

Inspiring active communities

People of all ages have a need for movement and exercising. WHO recommends 1 hour a day of physical activity a day for children and 30 minutes for grown-ups.

We strive at creating playful public spaces, that can inspire to physical activity, play and be social spaces, where people can meet and enjoy.

Playgrounds and public spaces can be the place, where you make new connections, new friends. For a neighborhood public spaces create a common space for meeting and have social activities.

We design and develop equipment for both playgrounds, sports and fitness areas, climbing structures, parkour, cycle and skater parks as well as other kinds of outdoor areas.


Theme and custom play areas – we are storytellers

Play equipment and public spaces can be designed to tell a story and contribute to create an absolutely unique playground and a landmarks for the city or neighborhood. Elverdal has designed equipment with themes like the industrial history of a city, historical events, characters from animated universes etc.

Why not play on a climbing structure formed as a train? Or a gigantic volcano? Climb up on the wings of a friendly bat or an lifestyle dinosaur skeleton? Or a labyrinthic castle?

Active outdoor spaces

Elverdal is a design office and manufacture with head office in Denmark. We are passionate about developing well designed play equipment for aesthetic outdoor spaces.

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