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Zip wire - single robinia 40m

A ride on a zip wire is fun and also daring, and this play equipment can therefore help to push the child's boundaries when it comes to risk-taking. Am I brave enough to have a go? Or does it feel like a risk? Overcoming fear is the best foundation for good mental development.

Motor development
The zip wire is known to support the development of the child's motor skills. The child has to maintain a good grip and keep their balance on the seat.
The vestibular system helps the brain with the experience of acceleration and staying in a horizontal position. It is this system that is stimulated when the child whizzes down a zip line.
The proprioceptive system helps the brain to interpret information about the position and movement of different parts of the body (the sense of kinesthesia).
If the correct muscles are not tensed at the right time, the body will collapse like a house of cards and the child falls off.
The child learns to coordinate their body and movements. This exercise improves coordination and the child no longer has to think about their body so much, leaving them free to focus on other things such as learning and exploring their surroundings.
Want to learn more about children’s development, learning and play values in the playground? Click here movement and play values.values.

This model consists of robinia poles at each end, and the play equipment has a length of 40 metres.
The choice of material guarantees a long lifetime.

Designed for areas such as parks and housing associations.
For more information and advice on using zip wires in public outdoor spaces such as parks, click here.


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