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Zip wire - double robinia 50m

The magical effect of the zip wire. There’s always a queue and laughter by the zip wire! But there’s also the excitement of nerves and risk.
Children are different. Some will take a leap of faith and readily accept any bruises and a stiff arm along the way. Other children will be more tentative, and just need to watch the challenge being performed for a while first. Am I brave enough to have a go?
As an educator or similar, you can help the child to work on their personal skills. Maybe you could do the first ride together?
There’s a great joy to overcoming fear - adrenaline pumps around the body, which is the best foundation for mental development.

More than just a zip wire….

Motor development = greater focus to explore the surrounding world
Zip wires are available with varying degrees of difficulty, but common to them all is that you need good coordination. You need both a good grip and to keep your balance.
The zip wire is a great motorised play equipment and is ideal for parks, school playgrounds and other public outdoor spaces.
A ride on a zip wire activates the body’s vestibular sense. This will send information to the brain about acceleration and maintaining a horizontal position. The proprioceptive receptors in the muscles and tendons tell the brain about the position and movement of the different body parts (also called the kinesthetic sense).
When the interaction between these systems works correctly and the muscles are tensed at the correct times, you are able to stay balanced without falling into the sand.
With practice, the child becomes better at controlling and coordinating their body and movements. Over time, this shifts their focus from bodily functions to other things such as learning.

This model is made from robinia posts. It’s a double 50-metre model. Also available as a single in 50 metres.


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