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Swing set - semi-circular robinia wood and steel 4 classic seats with hanger

Here is an architect-designed swing set designed for any outdoor space where multiple children get together to play, such as school playgrounds or parks. This swing model comes with four hanger swings.
The play equipment is 2.4 metres high and has reseda green robinia posts and galvanised steel overlay. This choice of material and construction ensures that the implement is EN 1176-approved for all public outdoor spaces and playgrounds.

When children sit on all four swings, they all swing towards each other, which makes the swing ride extra fun. The children will make eye contact, and maybe try to get their feet to meet in the middle. For safety reasons ,this is not - and must not be - possible, however, but the children will definitely try to make it a happen.

As these are individual swings, each child decides their own pace. High and wild or gentle and calm?

Motor challenges!
Riding on a swing is known for developing the child's motor skills, and with good basic motor skills, the child can spend more of their energy on exploring the world around them, and maybe even on developing other skills. This gives the child the best start in life.

Our play equipment in this category is available in several sizes and in several shapes. See all our swing models here if this wasn’t the product you were looking for.


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