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Swing - bird's nest robinia 2 seats Ø 1m

The bird’s nest swing is the essence of fun in the playground, and it supports the child’s development.
This particular swing allows the child to sit, stand or lie down and maybe experience the world from a frog’s perspective with a look up at the sky or at a green tree. The swing ride can be calming or wild with friends. Swinging together with friends stimulates a sense of community, which is an intoxicating feeling.
This is a great play equipment for teaching children to wait their turn and cooperate. The bird’s nest swing can easily accommodate two to three children at time.

The swing is also suitable for nursery school teachers who can take a very young child on the swing with them. The swing ride helps to develop basic motor skills and the vestibular sense, which is important to train from an early age.
The rocking motion of the swing trains the main sense of balance and the child’s proprioception (sense of position). The child gets to practice the technique required to get the swing moving, so that the arms, legs, abdominal and back muscles are strengthened, and coordination and balancing skills are improved. The child's basic motor skills improves, giving the child more energy and focus to explore other things. This could be exploring the world around them or learning new things.
Learning ability increases. Read more about the three senses and play values in the playground by clicking here.

Created for play in public playgrounds
The bird’s nest swing is architect-designed by our own architects with two seats on robinia posts. The diameter of the bird’s nest swing is 1 metre, and the swing set is designed with public play areas in e.g. day-care institutions and schools in mind.

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