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Swing - A-frame larch and steel h 2.4m

Our architects have designed this classic swing for public outdoor spaces such as picnic areas, schools and shopping malls. The swing is made of long-lasting larch wood with a galvanised steel lintel. The height is 2.4 metres. The larkposts of the swing sre mounted on steel feet.

The child can swing on their own or with friends.

Swinging improves learning ability!
Being in a swinging motion strengthens the sense of kinesthesia/position, which is important from an early age. Swinging causes a fluid inside the ear to move, which affects the main sense of balance. The brain connects information from our balance with information from our muscles, joints, etc. and sends a message to our proprioception (sense of position) about what is going to happen. Muscles, joints and tendons begin to move. If these functions are repeatedly trained, your balance ability and motor skills will improve.

When a child improves their balance, they have more energy to focus on other things. So in short, good balance means better ability to learn. The swing is therefore perfect for training the sense of balance, and the child also gets to see what their own limits are. Read more about the senses, play values , etc. here.

The swing complies with the EN1176 standard and is certified.

If this was not the right swing for you, see more swings here.


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