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Shade sail - 6 triangles robinia

This is one of our largest shade sails with a total area of 38.88 m².

The shade sail is designed for e.g. museum areas, school playgrounds or for the sandpit in a day-care institution. The shade sail will shield you from sun, dew and light rain, and is ideal for extending your time outdoors.
School children can do their homework in the shelter of inclement weather, while nursery-aged children can sit in the sandpit in the shade on a hot summer day and shelter on a rainy autumn day.

The sail fabric is bonded High Densiti Poly Ethylene or HDPE, which is a strong plastic product that makes it robust and suitable for changeable weather. The fabric is water-resistant to dew and light rain, and wind can pass through it.

The shade sail is maintenance-free and easy to clean.

This product consists of a total of six sails, each 3.6 metres long, 3.6 metres wide and 3.6 metres deep. This gives a total area of 38.88 m².
The sails are tied to six robinia posts, each 2.3 metres high. Here is a circle setup, but other shapes are available.
The fabric has a Camel colour and will blend easily into the surrounding environment.

Facts about our shade sails
Blocks 90% of UV rays
The temperature is kept down and time in the outdoors is extended
Weight of the fabric is 280g/m2
Robinia posts with Ø from 120 to 140 mm
Two-piece /double-stitched 38-mm wide straps
The sail is not 100% waterproof, so we recommend taking it down during the winter period
Thanks to being mounted on posts, the shade sail cannot be moved around
However, it can also be mounted on building components

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