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Play tower - Theodor Package 31

Three architect-designed items of play equipment for playful children in nurseries, parks and other similar public outdoor spaces.

Play towers are made of larch wood, which makes them fit in well in a nature playground.

The edge of the towers painted in Coral red RAL 3016.
The edge of the ramp painted in Coral red RAL 3016.

In this package, we have assembled the towers with a v-bridge and a challenging sloping rope bridge.
The child has to concentrate so as not to step to the side. It’s not only great fun, but by challenging the child’s ability to balance, the child develops their basic motor skills.

Every time we develop new play equipment, we focus on including as many play values as possible, and on ensuring that the equipment supports the development of the child's physique.
This is important, as a good physique will give the child space to think about other things - such as finding a new imaginative path through the jungle or making new friends.
The play package provides a choice of excellent play opportunities to enjoy with friends. In addition to concentration and balance, this play equipment also offers play values such as climbing, crawling, hiding and sliding.

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