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Play tower - Theodor Package 28

Two play towers and a playhouse in larch wood designed by our architects for public playgrounds, such as nurseries or school playgrounds.

Play towers designed in a simple, Nordic look, particularly suited to nature playgrounds.
This play package comprises two Theodor play towers painted in pastel blue RAL 5024. Please note that these towers are also available in other colours.

The package also includes a vertical climbing net, a fireman's pole, a ladder and a closed slide.
These wonderful play tools add a wealth of play values to the playground. And that's important, because play values not only make it fun to be at the playground, they also support the child's development.
The senses - e.g the kinesthetic sense - are boosted and the child improves their motor skills and a sense of where their legs and arms are. This is important as it builds energy and self-esteem. The child will be able to use this ability later in life, such as when they need to focus on schoolwork.
As well as developing motor skills, the play values also provide an opportunity to meet other children in different games and play scenarios.
We have more information about play values here.

The play equipment is EN1176-approved.

If this package isn’t suitable for your children, view more package solutions under play towers.


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