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Play tower - Theodor Package 20

Individual play and climbing towers for the public outdoor space such as nurseries, parks or similar areas.

The play tower is made in a simple, Nordic design in larch wood and is EN1176-approved.

The edge of the towers painted in Reseda green RAL 6011.

The towers have several play equipment attached to them - tube slides and an inclined and vertically challenging climbing net in taifun rope.

All the equipment from the tower to the climbing net are architect-designed.
Our architects are specialists and have extensive experience and insight into how young children develop.

Thanks to the quality and workmanship, these products are highly suitable for all public outdoor spaces.

A play tower is always the gathering point at the playground, as many children like to climb up and down it.
Climbing and balancing strengthen the child's physical and motor development, and train the kinesthetic and vestibular senses. This improves the child’s body control and raises self-esteem, and gives the child the extra resources needed to then focus on other things, such as playing in a group.

Our play towers offer multiple options. Check them out here.


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