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Obstacle course - triangular horizontal climbing net robinia

Architect-designed triangular horizontal crawl and balance net.
The play equipment is designed to be 2.9 metres wide and 3.3 metres deep and is suspended between three sturdy robinia posts. The net is made of taifun rope and can withstand wild play - and up to three children.

The design addresses the need for fun play that develops the child.
When the child ventures out onto the swaying surface, they have to concentrate to keep their balance. This challenges their sense of balance and their sense of kinaesthesia. To read more about the senses, click here.

The more experienced child will be able to cross the obstacle course safely by walking on the net, while the smaller child will prefer to crawl across.
The wide target group makes the play equipment ideal for most public outdoor areas such as nurseries and parks.

A larger obstacle course can be achieved by combining the play equipment with other obstacle course elements, such as a platform and a crawl barrel.

The model is also available composed of both two and four triangles and as a square crawl net in several heights. So if you need more ideas, click on obstacle course to see the many options.


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