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Obstacle course - package 5

Obstacle course in a circular shape of balance stumps, balance beam on springs, vines, balance platforms, etc. ideal for school-age children and for strengthening motor skills.

This obstacle course is ideal for schools, parks and other public areas.

This model here does not require a safety surface, however safety surfaces of grass or ring mats under the balance beam and balance platforms are required.

This obstacle course is part of our own Organic series.

The package is composed of the following products from our Organic series:
15 pcs. ORG7203AY obstacle course - balance stumps
1 pcs. ORG7234AY obstacle course - balance beam on springs
1 pcs. ORG7001AY obstacle course - vines with balance blocks small
1 pcs. ORG7003AY obstacle course - balance rope
1 pcs. ORG7002AY obstacle course - roller bar
1 pcs. ORG7015AY obstacle course - balance hawser with rope
1 pcs. ORG7233AY obstacle course - balance bridge with platform
1 pcs. ORG7004AY obstacle course - rolling balancing beam
1 pcs. ORG7014AY obstacle course - balance beam with rope


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