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Obstacle course - package 27

Untraditional, architect-designed obstacle and jungle course designed for the public playground e.g. in housing associations with a nature playground. Here, the play equipment will 'disappear into' the surrounding environment of trees and bushes.
All the play equipment is EN 1176-approved for public use.

This smaller obstacle course is built from a total of 6 FSC-approved robinia posts - two in Brown red and four in a neutral wood colour.
The 3x3 posts form two play environments, which are joined together by a hammock. Between the posts is a rolling beam, balance poles, vines, lianas and balance beam for climbing, swinging and balancing.

The architect has designed the play equipment for children aged 5 and up.

A big hit - and so much more
The design of this obstacle course package provides space for several children to play at the same time, making play even more fun.

We also make it a priority to ensure that our play equipment strengthens the child's basic motor skills. When a child balances, their cerebellum is trained, which helps to coordinate muscle strength when playing. The child can also use this training in other situations, e.g. in everyday situations when eating and holding cutlery. Cross-coordination skills also improve, well-being increases and the child has more energy to concentrate on other things.
And the game of tag helps to improve children's spatial intelligence, as they have to relate to where the 'catcher' is and where they themselves have to move to.

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