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Obstacle course - package 26

Fun, challenging and architect-designed obstacle and jungle course for all public outdoor spaces and playgrounds, e.g. in a housing association.
The course is EN 1176-approved for use in public outdoor spaces.

We've built the obstacle course from a total of 11 FSC-approved robinia posts - three in Sun yellow, two in Coral red, two in Brown red and four in a neutral wood colour. Between each of the posts is the following play equipment: tube slide, vertical climbing net, rolling beam, monkey bars, balance stumps and rope battle, make it appeal to children aged 5 and up. Here they can run, crawl, climb, swing around, strengthen and balance while e.g. playing tag.

A hit in the playground
The obstacle course’s play equipment and size allow lots of children to play together, which just makes playtime even more fun. But when we design play equipment, we also make it a priority to ensure that the equipment develops children's basic motor skills. For example, the child will exercise their cerebellum when balancing on the move. Muscle strength needs to be adjusted so that the child doesn’t fall, which is training that also benefits the child in other situations, e.g. in everyday situations when they have to hold cutlery. Cross-coordination improves, resulting in better well-being and more time to focus on other things besides bodily functions.
And the game of tag helps to improve children's spatial intelligence, as they have to relate to where the 'catcher' is and where they themselves have to move to.

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