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Obstacle course - package 23

This obstacle course 'sticks to the ground' and none of the play equipment has a fall height higher than 60 cm. This means that this package does not require a safety surface.

The package includes play equipment such as balance stumps, balance beam, crawl net, stilts, platform and jumping platform, which double as a seesaw. The course is architecturally designed for e.g. the nature playground in a park or nursery, where the product material 'blends in' with the surrounding environment of trees, bushes, etc.
We use FSC robinia wood to build the equipment and the package is EN 1176-approved.

Here is a closed balance environment, which is set up for children to balance around and around and around either by walking or crawling. The equipment can easily be set up to create a new course. In addition to crawling and balancing, this package also offers play values such as concentration and tilting, and we therefore recommend this equipment package for all children aged 3 and up.

Fun motor training
Of course, play equipment should be fun to play on, and the more play options there are, the better. But our architects also place great emphasis on giving children the opportunity to develop their physical abilities while on the playground. This obstacle course challenges balance and cross-coordination skills, and when motor skills are well controlled, well-being improves and the child has more energy to concentrate on e.g. other things.

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