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Obstacle course - package 14

Want some fun? Then go out and play on this obstacle course.

The obstacle course measures 6 metres in length and 2 metres in width.

Posts painted in Reseda green RAL 6011.

The 12-m² course includes play equipment such as arm rings roller beam, vines, lianas, climbing net, battle rope and rib ladder. The equipment is connected in one unit so that the child can climb around without having to touch the ground. This allows for many fun, social games such as 'catch me'.
Having to concentrate in order not to fall is a good play value and having to crawl is also a good play value that, for example, strengthens the ability to cross-coordinate.
These physical challenges help to strengthen the child's basic motor skills and give the child better body control. Having a good control over their body gives the child confidence and courage to try something new.
We explain more about the various play equipment’s play values here.

The facility and all play equipment are architect-designed and built in robinia wood, which ensures longevity. Of course, all equipment complies with the requirements of EN 1176.

The obstacle course is ideal for playgrounds in schools, housing associations or similar public outdoor areas, where many children with different needs meet to play.

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